When the sun dies…

It’s quiet down here now, without you.

I so miss your noise, your constant clatter, chatter and banter. You never did shut up. AND, you never won the ‘Let’s see who can be quiet for the longest’ game, did you?

Your energy, your vitality, your spark and sparkle, your thirst for life, for horses, for cars, for fun, for laughter, for life, is no more. And I miss it.

I miss you Iz.


On the day you were born in Jessops Hospital, 20 years ago today, I wrote this down in my filofax. And for 20 years I’ve kept it tucked away, for keepsake.  I don’t remember ever showing it you.  You’d have been embarrassed, but deep down, I hope, warmed by my love for you.

I miss you Iz.

And you knew it and you milked it, and I didn’t mind. You were the apple of my eye.  You were the love of my life. You are the love of my life. I will never love again like I love you.

I miss you Iz.

And here’s one of our favourites. And now, our love song. Play it loud Iz, you always did.

Happy Birthday Isobel Mackensie Squire, Izzy, Iz, Squizz. Baba. Our baby.

Forever 19, Forever Young.

I miss you. xx

One thought on “When the sun dies…

  1. There are no words I can find to describe the emotions when reading your thoughts. Heartbreaking. But words help. They make me cry, sat here drinking my coffee. Wishing each day to bring them back. Beautiful, beautiful girls. I’ll try to ‘play it loud’. Life that is (Iz). 🌈💜


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