Just one little insignificant moment

2016-01-24 15.18.03

24th January, 2016

This is one of many of Izzy’s spontaneous selfie portraits.

When, in the early days of the investigation and a South Yorkshire Police request to access to Izzy and Beth’s phones (for the record, Beth’s iPhone remains to this day unopened and unaccessed – no-one could guess her passwords and Apple didn’t/don’t help) when we first tapped into Izzy’s camera phone, I said to Cagney:

”They just look like holiday photos”.

“They are.” she replied, bluntly, but softly.

So here’s just one of many from Izzy’s camera phone.

Izzy is her energy infused self, snapping a cheeky selfie, knowing Beth is in the background, having one of her quiet, contemplative moments, as she oft would. It’s just a split second snapshot, a spur of the moment record of just one tiny fragment in time.

Now, and with such uncommonly, unfettered access, the picture encapsulates so much of their relationship, their sisterly bond, their easy, comfortable connection with each other and of their own, so dearly precious personalities.

I so, so wish I didn’t have such unfettered access. But I do.

I just miss them.

God, I miss them.

3 thoughts on “Just one little insignificant moment

  1. Thank you Dave ..a few months ago I picked up one of the photos you must have left at a TCF weekend, but didn’t look at your blog until today.
    My son Joe died on 28 June 2016, a few months after your beautiful girls. Reading about your pain – that resonates so much with mine – reminds me I’m not alone. Time is now forever before & after for me too. x

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  2. Sacha had amazing music on her phone, only 14yrs old but what a catalogue.. from Chuck Berry to Kasabian to 1975, Sacha had some of my suggestions too, how I wished we’d sat and listened together, I miss her so much , it’s crushing and debilitating and a daily struggle without her in my life. She was a great drummer and always made everyone smile she never left anyone out, always a nod or a wink. I am so sorry for your loss it’s so big . I honestly believe Sacha is around us. I hope you can feel your girls with you. Xh

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  3. Thank you David for your lovely blog as I start my grief journey James passed 29.10.2020 age 21 from sudden death due to epilepsy he just didn’t wake up!
    I share so many thoughts you have expressed thank you for making me feel ‘normal’ whatever that is!

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