Hey! Happy Birthday!

Hey Iz. Happy Birthday. Hope you’re OK.

We’re not doing much today. Mooching about really. Bit of online retail therapy, cups of coffee, answering the door for deliveries. Made us egg and soldiers for breakfast. Molly rang when we were still in bed.

I took Lillie for a walk in the woods. She’s our new Minnie – you’ve not met her yet. Hope you’re looking after Minnie btw?


The path wasn’t too muddy and the leaves were dry and crinkly, which Lillie loved.

There was a stillness in the air. A quiet. I could hear it in the trees. A crow cawed somewhere nearby. I looked up above me.

“When the sun dies and the stars fade from view, our love will remain real and true.”
(Benjamin Hudson)

Anyway, just wanted to say… Happy Birthday.


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